Search Yukon Apartments

Yukon might be the smallest of Canada’s three federal territories but the convenience it offers to its residents is in no way measurable. It is awash with natural beauty, popular attractions, charming locals and so much more. For those searching for Yukon apartments, there are hundreds of options to choose from.

Find an affordable apartment in Whitehorse, the capital, or in any of Yukon’s, beautiful towns of Faro, Dawson City or Watson Lake. Explore the pristine nature of a province that takes pride in its ‘Larger than life’ motto, get immersed in the excitement of its annual festivals or experience the glamour of Whitehorse’s vibrant nightlife. From north to south, you can find an apartment near amenities and great attractions. As of December 2007, the median rent for a Whitehorse apartment was $700 a month. While that might be a couple of years back, it is still reflects the current situation. It also gives an indication of Whitehorse prices in comparison to British Columbia and Alberta. Keep in mind that while prices for some rental accommodation may include the cost of electricity and heating, others do not. Keep in mind too that in most communities around Yukon, housing costs change seasonally and may vary with the type of accommodation.

Depending on where you live in Whitehorse, you would need a car. The bus system is reliable and lots of amenities are within walking or biking distance. Downtown or Riverdale are at the moment hot cakes for such conveniences and of course affordable apartments. Homer seekers should however note that the cost of living in Whitehorse is significantly higher than in most communities in Southern Canada. However, it is lower in the average than the cost of living elsewhere in most parts of northern Canada.