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The vibrant Prince Edward Island is awash with properties that offer hearty evergreen trees and uncut privacy. Its dense pollution and size make it ideal for people who fancy island living next to basic and recreational amenities. Otherwise known as the Garden of Gulf, it is the smallest in Canada in both land and population. A glance at its weather, justifies the nickname as it favors farming, which has for a long time been the main economic activity here. As a matter of fact, the island boasts of unending pastoral scenery and lush greenery.

Maypoint Apartments - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1E 1E1
20 Maypoint Rd. is a 12 unit building featuring 1 & 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Charlottetown. With Large storage closets, ground floor walk-i...
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Chateau Heights - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 5R4
These apartments for rent in Charlottetown consist of three, twelve-unit buildings located on St. Peters Road, one of the main entrances into the d...
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Norwood Heights - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 8P6
"FREE Months Rent & No Security Deposit* Select suites, conditions apply call for details*"
129, 131 Norwood Rd features two twelve unit buildings with 1 & 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Charlottetown. Just a short commute to downtown Ch...
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River Ridge Heights - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1C 1P8
River Ridge Heights l & ll feature luxury apartments for rent in Charlottetown just minutes from downtown and overlooking the Hillsboro River. This...
Units Available: 1
Starting at $14.25
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Waterview Heights - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 9J5
Free Rent Specials Pay Rent later & move in today. Call today for details.
Waterview Heights is located just off North River Rd overlooking the water with spectacular views. Very close to major shopping malls and grocery s...
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Even with the significant number of rental apartments in Prince Edwards Island, there are still concerned stakeholders opposing more development or rental housing. It is therefore uncertain if there will be much more development in the near future. Most apartments are in the capital, Charlottetown. However, given the significant number of students within the capital and to some extent the number of immigrants, a fair number of apartment rentals and apartment buildings exist. These include size-able apartment buildings ranging from flat rental by private citizens to individual rooms.

Hills and Harbours, Annes Land, Bays and Dunes and Charlottetown are just but some of the cities in Prince Edwards Island where housing rentals area easily found. Of the cities, Charlottetown is the most affordable with a median housing price of just $153,000. As of 2011, the average price for a two bedroom apartment in Charlottetown was $745, making the city one of the most affordable cities in the western world. Yearly renters might have to put up with house rentals and flats as the focus here is mainly on monthly cottage rentals.