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The ever vibrant community of Windsor and the adjacent area known as the Windsor Corridor are some of Ontario’s most notable and popular areas. With an eclectic blend or historic buildings and luxury properties, the city offers a one of a kind juxtaposing atmosphere of people from all walks of life. It is perhaps that factor that justifies its population of more than 214,255 people as of 2011.

Garden Court Apartments - Windsor, Ontario N8S 2A6
Realstar’s Garden Court Apartments are conveniently located in a family-friendly neighbourhood in beautiful Windsor. Comfort, security and a sense ...
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Brighton Court Apartments - Windsor, Ontario N9A6Y7
Brighton Court Apartments is Realstar’s premiere high-rise building in the heart of Windsor. With a central location access to anything and everyth...
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The Dorchester - Windsor, Ontario N8T 3H9
Positive attitude and a proactive approach are some of the key assets our team possesses. The many families we have residing here enjoy our downrig...
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Prima Villa - Windsor, Ontario N9C 1A7
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Windsor West Apartments - Windsor, Ontario N9C 1B8
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Windsor Court Apartments - Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L2
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Mayfair Apartments - Windsor, Ontario N8S-1P1
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3801 Riverside Drive - East Windsor, Ontario N8Y 1B2
Overlooking the Detroit River, this charming, small building is just minutes away from Windsor's downtown core. An easy commute to Ford Motors or D...
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Windsor’s downtown and a few selected areas that offer quick and easy access to amenities have made it a natural choice for developers. The building boom that began decades ago is still as vibrant in some neighborhoods, a clear indication of a bright future that this city awaits. Duff Baby House built in 1972 still stands tall, as a constant reminder of how the city has always had a thing for quality housing.

Rental apartment seekers should however note that housing is not the only form or rather development in Windsor. True to its downtown core, Windsor is a hub of commercial activity, dining, and art, thanks to facilities such as Caesars Windsor Hotel and The Windsor Art Gallery. While the national average rent stands at $887 for a two bedroom apartment, Windsor’s stands at $768. Of course that is much cheaper when compared to big cities such as Vancouver, whose average rent for a two bedroom apartment stands at $1,120. This is according to CMHC which as of June 2012 rated Windsor’s rental vacancy rate as the second highest in Canada and highest in Ontario.