Sarnia Apartment Rental Search

Sarnia is located on Lake Huron, just across the border from the United States and Michigan. As such, the natural harbor has been attracting people to the site since the late seventeenth century. Today, almost 80,000 people call the area home. The area has a lot of focus on natural resource extraction, especially from the area’s salt caverns and petroleum deposits, which drives blue-collar workers to the area. This has led to slow but steady population growth in the area over the past twenty years.

Sarnia can be split into two areas, the North End and the South End. The North End houses more affluent residents, with Sarnia houses for rent at a higher rate to appeal to more recent residents. The area also boasts of recent artistic innovations such as the Imperial Theater, Gallery Lambton, and Lambton Mall. Some of the neighborhoods where newcomers can find houses for rent in Sarnia are Wiltshire Park, Woodland, Oakwood Corners, and Blackwell.

The waterfront contains some of the neighborhoods that consist of the southern part of Sarnia. In addition to areas along the shore of Lake Huron, the College Park, heritage Park, and Sherwood Village neighborhoods are some of the more well-known areas. Combined with Sarnia’s downtown area, the area offers many fun events and attractions. There are over one hundred parks in the Sarnia metropolitan area, so finding apartments for rent in Sarnia closer to the shoreline and downtown brings easy access to these areas. The Bayside Center mall houses shops, an art gallery, and government areas and medical services. The area by the Blue Water Bridge near Highway 402 (the north-south split) also boasts the Point Edward Casino.