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Guelph contains some of the fastest-growing areas in the entire province of Ontario. The city caters to commuters, blue-collar workers, cultural aficionados, and students – trying to bring diverse groups together within the community. The infrastructure of the town has expanded tremendously over the past several years, to the point that former isolated farmland is now in high-demand for apartments for rent in Guelph.

Of these neighborhoods, the fastest-growing one has to be south of Stone Road. Streets within the south end of town are crowded with rows of houses and strip malls in areas where there was once just farmland. Many of Guelph’s best restaurants can now be found in this area of town, and the rapid expansion has meant a large number of apartments for rent in Guelph that can be had for a decent amount of coin – but not too much. The density of the area is quite high now, but there is still a decent enough vacancy rate so that finding Guelph houses for rent is not too challenging a chore.

The University area has quite a few older houses for rent in Guelph that can be appealing to two, three, or four students. They’ve been kept in pretty good shape for the most part. Students can definitely find deals within the area.

Lastly, the Downtown and “Ward” areas of town seem to now be quite lively with cultural attractions and nightlife. There are many award winning restaurants and shops to entertain people, as well as open areas like Sunny Acres Park and St. Georges Park. These areas are priced a little bit higher than the south end or university area, but they also sit much closer to lively nightlife and may be well worth this premium.