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Bordered to the north byRosedale, Moore Park is a rich, private enclave tucked in the Vale of Avoca, immediately below Mont Pleasant Cemetery, east of the Deer Park neighborhood and west of Mud Creek. Tree lined streets follow the neighborhood’s natural topography, making it a maze for visitors but a boon for the locals appreciative of the smooth traffic the neighborhood boasts of every season. Several homes and apartments here offer modern amenities such as indoor pools and ample parking, making Moore Park one of Ontario’s most sought after neighborhoods.

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Many Moore Park homes were built between 1908 and 1930. That explains where there is a wide variety of home styles here, ranging from English cottages to Tudor and Georgian homes. Most of them were built on size-able lots with panoramic views. Nearly all of them share spacious driveways as the neighborhood was envisioned as an affordable commuter friendly neighborhood by its developer, John Thomas Moore. Renters can also claim a fair share of apartments here as there is a smattering magnificent and elegant townhomes, duplexes’ and high rise apartments to let. Commuting to and from the neighborhood is easy, courtesy of reliable bus services available on Moore Avenue, St. Claire Avenue and Mont Pleasant.

Lawton Boulevard, Rosehill, Deer Park Crescent, Mallory Gardens, Heath and Woodland Avenue East are just but some of the areas within Moore Park where you can easily get an apartment. Like most other places in Toronto, location, amenities, size and the standard or rather quality of the apartment affect pricing. With that in mind, it is easy to find a high end apartment in Woodland east demanding $4,400 every month.