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Few people recall that Toronto’s climate can be quite mild at times, with lovely summers that can come along with the occasional cold blast. Its location puts it within an hour and a half flight of most of Canada and over half of the United States. With beautiful waterways and vistas surrounding the city and a mild climate compared to the rest of Canada, it is a rapidly growing destination for many incoming residents. Demand for apartments for rent in Toronto, or to find Toronto houses for sale, is fairly high, which means finding a good deal can be tricky.

Main Square - Toronto, Ontario M4C1L5
Realstar’s Main Square Apartments are the best blend of convenience and community in an expansive yet close-knit community. Everything you need is ...
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300 St. Clair West - Toronto, Ontario M4V 1S4
Ideally located in Toronto’s friendly midtown neighbourhood, 300 St. Clair West apartments provide a quiet, beautiful home for all residents. C...
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Rockford - North York, Ontario M2R 3A2
Rockford Apartments is one of Realstar’s premiere high-rise buildings in North York. Located in a highly sought after neighbourhood, Rockford provi...
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Brookbanks - North York, Ontario M3A 3R9
If you are looking for convenience, location and a friendly community, look no further than Brookbanks! Realstar’s Brookbanks Apartments are a comm...
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San Remo/Monaco Towers - North York, Ontario M3H 2R7
These towers offer residents more than a central location with great views. The sense of community felt here is really embraced by the residents...
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Cloisters Of The Don/ Townhouses - North York, Ontario M3A 1E7
Cloisters of the Don apartments and townhomes offer our residents a family-friendly environment in the desirable North York area of Toronto. The qu...
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162 Berry Road - Etobicoke, Ontario M8Y 1W5
The apartments at 162 Berry Road in Etobicoke offers our residents comfortable, spacious living at an affordable price. Just steps from Humber P...
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Widdicombe Place - Etobicoke, Ontario M9R 1Y3
The community at Widdicombe Place makes living here extremely enjoyable. The building’s social room is generally busy, with weekly bridge/card g...
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Lions Gate / Lions Gate Townhouses - Etobicoke, Ontario M9R 2N7
A welcoming community awaits at Lions Gate. Residents claim to get the best grocery finds at the nearby European meat shops and bakeries that pe...
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5062 5078 Dundas Street - Etobicoke, Ontario M9A 1B9
Ideally located in a quaint, family friendly neighbourhood in Etobicoke, Realstar’s low-rise building located at 5052-5078 Dundas Street offers som...
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Nevertheless, some neighborhoods are a bit more attractive than others in the Toronto area. Of course, the most popular neighborhoods are those that sit along the shoreline of Lake Ontario within the central city area. High Park, Roncesvalles, and Bloor Village are all adjacent to each other and sit in prime areas – but finding a Toronto house for rent in the area does not come cheap. The neighborhoods have some houses for rent in Toronto among the shops, coffee shops, and restaurants, but these spaces disappear quickly due to the high demand.

The Queen West area draws many hip and trendy residents to the area. There are many clubs and cafes that make it a popular destination for the younger crowd. Finding apartments for rent in Toronto, or Toronto condos for rent, can be a bit easier here but potential residents may find the cost to live in such an area to be a bit high as well. The Distillery District also boasts a lot of art and cultural buildings, and the pedestrian nature of the area makes it more appealing to younger people looking for Toronto apartments for rent.

Of late, one neighborhood that has been enjoying a popularity surge is the Junction Triangle. A former industrial neighborhood, the area is becoming more and more populated with both residents and businesses, and sports a fair amount of both Toronto houses for rent and apartments for rent in Toronto. There are all types here - up-and-coming middle class residents, young professionals, cultural enthusiasts, and immigrants – and the neighborhood is fast becoming more popular. There are deals to be had here when looking for apartments or condos for rent in Toronto.