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Laval offers upscale living with modern luxury and heritage homes to choose from; strategically located north of Montreal and southwest of Quebec, every apartment here offers something scintillating for a discerning home seeker. Unparalleled waterfront living complete with private boat slips and unobstructed views of Montreal are just but some of the highlights of the Laval. You can also be assured of quick and easy access to social and basic amenities such as the Good Shepherd Park.

Domaine Bellerive Apartments - Laval, Quebec H7V 1B1
Domaine Bellerive is a waterfront community which offers an unparalleled collection of amenities. Imagine being able to unwind in our indoor heated...
Units Available: 4
From $8.95 - $14.85
Listing by - CAPREIT

With a population of more than 401,553 people as of 2011, Laval is Montreal’s largest suburb and the third largest municipally in Quebec. It is also the 13th largest city in Canada, a fact that has always been a draw for both local and international investors. Riviere des Mille Iles separates the city from the mainland to the north and from the Island of Montreal while Riviere des Prairies separates it from the south. For nature lovers, nowhere in Quebec could be more ideal than Laval. The city places great emphasis on enhancing and protecting its local environment. Typical of any eco-aware city, Laval’s urban plan provides for protection of the island’s ecological heritage, conservation of wooded areas and waterfront development. Such efforts explain why non agricultural green space takes up approximately 10% of the city’s entire territory.

As of October 2012, CMHC had nothing but good news for home seekers looking for apartments in Laval. Their stats indicated that Laval’s vacancy rate stayed stable for a better part of the year at 2.6 %. The rates stood at 4.3% for one bedroom apartments, 3.8% for bachelor apartments, 2.1% for two bedroom apartments and 2.7% for three or more bedroom apartments. Though there were other factors that could be attributed to these figures, immigration stood out as the most significant factor that stimulates the Laval rental market.

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