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Boasting of cutting edge modern architecture, ideas and style, is Brentwood; a one of a kind neighbourhood in Burnaby. The neighborhood brags of more than enough value priced apartments, making it ideal for discerning home seekers with a budget. Almost every listing here features both high end and low end apartments, something that compliments the neighbourhood as a hot cake for young, working professionals, families and first time apartment renters.

Brentlawn Towers - Burnaby, British Columbia V5B 4T4
Brentlawn Towers consists of two towers on an attractively landscaped property situated in Burnaby’s Brentwood neighbourhood. The 18- and 20-storey...
Listing by - Austeville Properties

The furnished and unfurnished concept applies here, so except to pay a little bit more for a furnished apartment than you would for an unfurnished one; something in the range of $400-$450 a week. Whichever way, each apartment here is the real deal as most of them showcase unique features. That said, it is not surprising to come across a modern Brentwood apartment complete with state of the art round glass touch, all in the name of maximizing your views. Interiors too often leave most renters ogling and asking for more as they adorn excellent matches of durable and aesthetically appealing finishes that require little to no maintenance. It all boils down to value for your money, as most Brentwood realtors often say.

It is hard to point the single factor that highlights Brentwood. The neighbourhood is simply that hidden treasure with everything a renter looks for in a convenient neighborhood. Its strategic position simply gives a rewarding emphasis of unobstructed panoramic views of most parts of the neighbourhood and in some cases, Burnaby’s skyline. For a one bedroom, studio with a kitchenette, free wireless, indoor hot tub and an outdoor pool, expect to churn an upwards of $800 a month.